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What to Expect

At Camp Grace you can be a part of many exciting activities. Come bring a friend and be part of a great camping experience.

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What should I Pack?

Bible, Notebook, pens/pencils, flashlight, camera, envelopes with stamps

pillow, sleeping bag/blankets

Our goal in establishing a dress code is to ensure that all of our campers and staff are comfortable and modest. It has proven a very difficult task to define a dress code in absolute terms without creating loopholes. One problem, in particular, is that a pair of shorts or a top that is modest on one person may be immodest on another due to varying body shapes and sizes.

It is our desire that Camp Grace be a place where young men and women can escape distractions during their week, a place where they can focus their eyes and hearts on their relationship with their Lord. Therefore campers, staff, and visitors are required to adhere to the Camp Dress Policy as adopted by Camp Grace March, 2019.

Campers should be dressed modestly at all times when outside the cabin.

No undergarments should be visible. Shorts and pants shouldn’t be low cut and worn low. No cleavage should be visible. No low cut shirts and no loose tops which could be revealing when bent over. No spaghetti straps or strapless shirts should be worn. Tank top straps should be 3 fingers wide. The bottom of shirts should always cover the top of the pants even when sitting or having arms outstretched.

Shorts for boys and girls must be mid-thigh or longer, unless worn with leggings. Leggings, jogging or yoga pants can only be worn with skirts or shorts over the top.

Swimwear for girls should be one piece or a tankini that covers the midriff. A non-white t-shirt must be worn with a bikini. All campers must cover up going to and coming from the pond.

All staff and visitors should dress modestly. Cabin leaders can help campers make good decisions with their clothing choices. Final discretion is up to the head cabin leader and/or director.

To ensure getting all of your items back home again, we encourage marking your name or initials on everything you bring.

All prescription medicines need to be brought in the original pharmacy container with an identifying label. All medications must be turned into the camp nurse when you arrive at camp.

Music devices, electronics, cell phones, trading cards, weapons, tobacco products, drugs or alcohol, immodest clothing, expensive items, pop, snacks, or illegal substances.

Things To Know

Camp check-in and registration is from 10-11 a.m. on first day of camp.

Camp ends Friday at 2 p.m. on the last day of camp.

Campers are encouraged to send letters and love getting mail, you can write to them at:

Camper’s Name
c/o Camp Grace
P.O. Box 165
Chandler, MN 56122

Camp ph: 507.677.2555
Cindy Gardiner cell ph: 507.360.3151

Camp Grace is an interdenomination camp that welcomes all regardless of race, color, nationality, gender, age, or handicap. It is operated by In Faith.

Items left at camp will be held until the last day of the last week of camp. Items not claimed will be donated.

John Gardiner and Cindy Gardiner 
InFaith Missionaries
Cell: 507.360.3151 
Home: 507.427.3559

Yes, For scholarship information please contact Cindy Gardiner.

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